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Product upgrades and new applications of graphite

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The performance upgrade of flake graphite in the battery industry
The development and use of new energy has been a trend of economic and social development, which has brought power to the traditional battery industry and also brought many business opportunities. How to improve battery performance by upgrading and upgrading the use of flake graphite allow the battery to have better results, for many flake graphite technology developers is a problem to be solved.
The expansion and application of flake graphite in the field of new energy
At present, flake graphite manufacturers are conducting more research on graphite development, hoping to occupy a place in the market as early as possible in new energy. The future development direction of flake graphite should be more biased towards the research and development and application of new energy. Under the current trend of scientific and environmental development, pollution-free new energy is undoubtedly more popular with people. For many graphite manufacturers, how to develop New types of energy and the use of new types of graphite energy will become an important research project. Research on the more optimized use of flake graphite is the development direction of many manufacturers.
New applications of flake graphite in the field of aerospace
Since flake graphite has many stable characteristics, after it has been developed, its role in aerospace and other defense technology is also very obvious. The development of flake graphite through new technology transformation and application in more scientific and technological fields is already a future development. major trend.
Artificial heart valve is the most successful example of silicified graphite processed from scaly graphite as a biological material.
Artificial heart valves are opened and closed 40 million times a year. Therefore, the materials used to make artificial heart valves must not only have antithrombotic properties, but also have excellent wear resistance. The LTI artificial heart valve under study has been applied clinically. LTI uses high-density flake graphite as the basic material, uses hydrocarbons and silicides as pyrolysis gases to form a silicon carbide coating at high temperatures.

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