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About the function introduction of Manman concrete equipment

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How do you make a concrete foaming agent?
A standard recipe is 2 parts of cement and fine, dry sand to 1 part water and foam generator. You will want to have a quality foam generator to get the best results.
How do you make foam concrete bricks?
Add 1 to 2 buckets of sand to your cement mixer or wheelbarrow. Sand dictates the weight and firmness of your blocks. For a lightweight result, you can use 1 bucket of sand, or for a stronger result, you can use 2 buckets of sand. Once the sand has been thoroughly mixed, prepare to add your perlite.

What is foam generator?
The foaming generator acts as a medium which transforms the liquid chemical into stable foam. The typical foam generator runs from an air compressor and consists of a holding (filler) tank, foaming unit and a lance unit.

Is AirCrete as strong as concrete?
Aircrete is a material that combines strength, durability, and lightweight properties that make it easy to work with when building. It's relatively inexpensive when compared to concrete and has a less environmental impact. Aircrete is not as strong as concrete. It is 50% the strength of regular concrete.

Where do you put foam on concrete?
Foam concrete use for producing construction blocks, thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, floors, warming of pipes, production of collapsible blocks and panels of partitions in buildings, as well as floors and basements foam concrete of higher density.

Is foam a code for concrete?
The provision pertaining to use of low density preformed foamed cellular lightweight concrete blocks for thermal insulation produced using preformed stable foam are covered under IS 6598 : 1972 Cellular concrete for thermal in solution' .

What is the difference between foam concrete and lightweight concrete?
Concrete material made of lightweight aggregates is called lightweight aggregate concrete, while material made from a cellular matrix is generally called foamed concrete because of the pores introduced by a foaming agent.

What is a natural foaming agent?
The natural foaming agents we use are: Quillaja Saponaria (Soap Bark) Natural foaming agent derived from the Soap Bark tree, which is native to central Chile. Decyl Glucoside. A gentle and mild natural surfactant which doesn't contain any impurities.
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