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Affected By The New Crown Virus, Global Wind Power Installations Will Be Reduced By Nearly 5GW In 2020

wallpapers News 2020-03-26

Recently, the energy research institute Wood Mackenzie said that compared with the previous forecast, the new crown virus (COVID-19) crisis would lead to a reduction in global wind power installations by nearly 5GW in 2020. Due to the pandemic and other market changes, it is estimated that by 2020, the new install capacity of wind power is expected to decrease by 4.9GW to 73GW. The potential impact on global wind power installations is still the most significant in China and the United States, and it is expected that in these two countries, wind power installations will reach record levels by the deadline for crucial wind power policies. T1 wind markets in Europe, such as Spain, France, and Italy, could be hit harder, as aggressive blockade measures have curtailed worker mobility.

It is reported that production in these countries has also begun to be affected, and more and more factories have closed this week due to infection with the new crown virus. The domino effect may have a limited impact on other markets, especially given the expected rapid recovery of China's wind power supply chain and the limited impact of outbreaks in India and Latin America so far. There are several projects planned for completion in Australia from 2020-2021, most of which involve 3.6-4.2MW wind turbines imported from Europe. Supply disruptions caused by the Spanish and German blockades could jeopardize construction progress. In the coming months, more concerted efforts will be needed to integrate renewable energy policies into more comprehensive bills aimed at providing financial support to the countries most affected by the epidemic.

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