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Bismuth related reaction

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Bismuth (Bismuth) is a kind of metal element, element symbol is Bi, atomic number is 83, is red and white metal, density of 9.8g/cm³, melting point of 271.3℃, boiling point 1560℃. Bismuth has metallic luster, brittle property, poor electrical and thermal conductivity, and is also the strongest diamagnetism metal. Under the action of magnetic field, the electrical resistivity increases while the thermal conductivity decreases. Bismuth has the lowest thermal conductivity of any metal except mercury. Bismuth and its alloys have thermoelectric effects. The volume of bismuth increases during solidification and the expansion rate is 3.3%.
Bismuth reacts with air
When heated, the bismuth reacts with oxygen in the air to form bismuth trioxide (Bi2O3). The flames were blue and white.
4Bi (s) + 3O2 (g) →2Bi2O3 (s)
Bismuth reaction with water
In the red-hot state, bismuth reacts with water to form bismuth trioxide, bismuth (Bi2O3).
2Bi (s) + 3H2O (g) →Bi2O3 (s) + 3H2 (g)
Bismuth reaction with a halogen
Bismuth reacts with fluoroF2 to form bismuth pentafluoride fluoride (V).
2Bi (S) + 5F2 (G) →2 BiF5 (S) [White]
Bismuth reacts with the halides fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine under certain conditions to form the corresponding trihalides bismuth fluoride (III), bismuth chloride (III), bismuth bromide, and bismuth iodide (III).
2Bi (s) + 3F2 (g) →2BiF3 (s)
2Bi (s) + 3Cl2 (g) →2BiCl3 (s)
2Bi (s) + 3Br2 (g) →2BiBr3 (s)
2Bi (s) + 3I2 (g) →2Bi (s).
The reaction of bismuth with acid
Bismuth forms a solution containing Bi (III) in concentrated sulfuric or nitric acid. It reacts with sulfuric acid to produce sulfur dioxide (IV) gas. Bismuth chloride (III) was prepared by hydrochloric acid in the presence of oxygen.
Bi (s) + 3O2 (g) + 12HCl (aq) →4BiCl3 (aq) + 6H2O (L)

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