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Do You Know What Hexagonal Boron Nitride Is?

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Hexagonal boron nitride, BN and graphite are isoelectronic bodies. It is called white graphite, has a layered structure similar to graphite, has good lubricity, electrical insulation, thermal conductivity and chemical resistance, and has neutron absorption capability. The chemical properties are stable and it is chemically inert to all molten metals. The molded products are easy to machine and have high moisture resistance. The melting point is 3000°C under nitrogen pressure, and it sublimates to 2500°C under atmospheric pressure. Its theoretical density is 2.29 g/cm3. Mohs hardness 2, anti-oxidation temperature 900℃, high temperature resistance 2000℃, melting point 3000℃ when used in nitrogen and argon. Boron nitride is a chemically inert material and is stable up to 2700°C under an argon atmosphere.

High activity and less impurities, stable product quality, good electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, high temperature stability, good heat conductor, good lubricating performance, chemically inert substances, non-wetting to metals Wait.
Product typical application
Solid lubricant in high temperature environment · Decidual agent in casting and injection molding · Raw material for the production of cubic boron nitride · Used to prepare composite ceramics, such as evaporation boats for vacuum aluminum plating, etc. · Used in cosmetics. For electrical insulation · For coating of electrical equipment.

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