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Introduction to cities worth visiting in India


India is one of the oldest countries in the world, the left eye is hell, the right eye is heaven, and the third eye is India. Many people will think that India is a magical country, and some unimaginable things will happen in India. India has a splendid ancient culture and a vast country. There are many places of interest in India, famous mountains and rivers, and there are many things to enjoy. Here are 3 major cities in India for you.

New Delhi

Foreigners often call Delhi "New Delhi", but that's just a part of the city. With the opposite "Old Delhi" area in the north, it is the complete "Delhi City". Delhi is located in the north of India, a short distance from the "Taj Mahal". The city of "Agra is 210km away and is a stop on the "Golden Triangle" route, which is the favorite of international tourists. The backward and developed, the ancient, and the innovative are all staged here. This is the most contradictory and dramatic place in India - the huge poverty-stricken wealth gap, the hierarchical society, the seemingly disordered surface, but hidden orderly rules, like a microcosm of India, a complex country. You may be surprised by the backward infrastructure, chaotic traffic, rampant traffic here Liars, complicated security procedures, frequent traffic controls, hot climate... But at the same time, as the political and cultural center of ancient and contemporary India, there is also a charming side here. But you need to go to India and discover it slowly.


Mumbai, located on the west coast of India, is right on the north-south dividing line of India's geography. It is the capital of Maharashtra, India's largest city, economic and entertainment center, the most important port city in South Asia, and the base of "Bollywood". However, it may still be one of the most bizarre cities in the world - here, the skyscrapers of India's rich and rich coexist with Asia's largest slum; "Bollywood" weaving perfect dreams and struggling in slums People are there; world-class IT companies sit side by side with giant human laundries...Luxury and abject poverty, progress and backwardness, hope and despair, India's past and future play out here at the same time. In addition to this, Mumbai attracts immigrants from all over India, making the city a hodgepodge of various social groups and cultures. What kind of Mumbai is Mumbai is really difficult to evaluate, maybe you will only understand if you are in it.


Varanasi, also known as "Benaras", is located in the southeastern part of Uttar Pradesh, India, only 10km away from the Buddhist holy land "Deer Park". capital". Varanasi is close to the Ganges River, and countless believers, ascetics, and dying people come here to bathe or wait to be cremated to purify their souls. There are more than 1,500 temples and many historical sites, among which the Ganges Baths, the Indian Golden Temple, the Durga Temple, and the Indian University of Benares are the most famous. The birthplaces of Luye Garden and Jainism, where Sakyamuni first taught the Dharma, were both near Varanasi, so Varanasi in a broad sense is an important holy place for Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Spiritually sacred and profound, but materially chaotic and filthy, Varanasi exaggerates the contradictory duality of the nation of India.

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