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Rye Brook, NY, January 12, 2021 — Rusal America Corporation announced the expansion of its aluminium product offerings to include additive manufacturing (AM) powders. The new powder product portfolio includes four conventional aluminium-silicon-based casting alloys and five speciality alloys designed for use in the aerospace and automotive industries and the wider general industry. Rusal America’s expanded product portfolio delivers high-performance solutions for more additive manufacturing applications through integral alloy design that optimizes composition to maximize performance and printability while minimizing material costs.

(Aluminum powder for 3d printing)

Highlights of the product portfolio include

100% pre-alloyed and all-metal powder, excluding any ceramic or nano inclusions.

The powder is completely atomized from raw materials of ALLOW, Rusal’s leading low-carbon footprint aluminium brand. ALLOW’sALLOW’s carbon footprint is 75% smaller than the global industry average (smelter scope 1 and 2 emissions). All powders have a third-party certified carbon certificate for greater transparency and accountability.

RS-230 is a new thermal crack-resistant Al-Cu alloy with high strength and stability at temperatures up to 250°C.

RS-553 is a new aerospace Al-Mg-Sc alloy with optimized scandium content that provides comparable properties to similar Al-Sc AM alloys.

Aluminium is uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled aluminium products to the additive manufacturing industry, thanks to our deep aluminium alloy development expertise at Rusal’sRusal’s Light Materials and Technology Institute (LMTI) and our world-class inert gases Powder atomization facility. Aluminium powder 3D printing has unique advantages, such as high strength, precision, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Therefore, aluminium powder is increasingly used in 3D printing, especially in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction and consumer goods fields. Through aluminium powder 3D printing, lighter and more complex designs can be achieved, product performance and reliability can be improved, production cycles can be shortened, production costs can be reduced, etc.

(Aluminum powder for 3d printing)

Aluminium powder is widely used in 3D printing

Automobile manufacturing: Aluminum powder can produce automobile parts like engines and chassis. Through 3D printing, more complex and lightweight designs can be achieved, thereby improving car performance and fuel efficiency.

(Aluminum powder for 3d printing)


Aerospace: Aluminum powder is also widely used in the aerospace field. It can be used to make aircraft, rocket engines, etc. Through 3D printing, more precise parts manufacturing can be achieved, improving aircraft safety and performance.

(Aluminum powder for 3d printing)

Electronic products: Aluminum powder can be used to manufacture heat sinks, connectors, terminals, etc. in electronic products. Through 3D printing, more complex and miniaturized designs can be achieved, improving product performance and reliability.

Construction field: In the construction field, aluminium powder can be used to manufacture architectural models, building components, etc. Through 3D printing, faster and more accurate architectural model manufacturing can be achieved, improving the efficiency of architectural design and construction.

Consumer products: Aluminum powder can also manufacture products such as jewellery, watches, art, etc. Through 3D printing, more personalized and complex designs can be achieved to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

(Aluminum powder for 3d printing)


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