Immersive Transformers: Learn How They Work and Their Benefits

Transformers are core components in power systems, responsible for regulating voltage to meet the needs of various devices and systems. With the continuous development of technology, transformers are also constantly evolving. As a new type of transformer, the immersed transformer (IMT) is gradually replacing traditional transformers in specific applications due to its unique performance and advantages.

(Immersive Transformers)

What is an immersion transformer?

An immersed transformer is a special type in which the coils and core are immersed in transformer oil. This design allows the transformer to operate in high humidity, high salinity and other harsh environments while maintaining high efficiency and reliability. In addition, due to its better sealing, it has less impact on the environment and relatively low maintenance costs.

(Immersive Transformers)

Advantages of Immersive Transformers

1)Strong corrosion resistance: Due to its good sealing, it can resist corrosive substances in harsh environments, extending the service life of the transformer.

2)Low maintenance costs: Due to its simple structure and low failure rate, it reduces the frequency of repairs and replacements and reduces maintenance costs.

(Immersive Transformers)

3)Strong adaptability: It can operate in harsh environments such as high humidity and salinity, so it is suitable for some special application scenarios.

4)High efficiency: Because its coils and iron core are immersed in transformer oil, it can effectively reduce the coil’s resistance and the magnetic resistance of the iron core, thereby improving the efficiency of the transformer.

Application scenarios of immersive transformers

Marine Engineering: In marine engineering, traditional transformers are susceptible to corrosion and damage because of the harsh environment. The immersed transformer can operate stably in such an environment, so it has been widely used.

Wind power field: Wind power generation equipment usually must be operated in remote areas, making maintenance difficult. Immersed transformers are an ideal choice in wind power due to their low failure rate and maintenance costs.


Power Systems: In power systems, transformers are in high demand due to the need to regulate voltage to meet the needs of various devices and systems. Immersed transformers’ high efficiency and low maintenance costs make them ideal for power systems.

In short, as a new type of transformer, the immersed transformer has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, low maintenance cost, strong adaptability, and high efficiency. With the continuous enhancement of technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, immersed transformers will be widely used in more fields.


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